Company Profile

Company Profile

Starting in 1990, with the retail business of tires, lubricants & automobile parts, today, we represent renowned brands as their channel partners in Nepal with a robust network nationwide. We have grown to six subsidiary companies under the umbrella having ventures in seven different sectors: Agri Machinery, Farm Implements, Spices, Laminates, Doors & Fittings, Plywood.


  • To introduce a wide variety of products in the market, helpful for creating employment and development in the country,
  • To understand consumers demand and serve them with the best products around the world
  • To supply a product of SSUVICS group in each household.


  • To establish a sustainable business ecosystem that caters to the problems faced by the people,
  • To enable an environment for people to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and realize their full potential,
  • To understand, care and make a meaningful difference to customers, employees & society,
  • To pave a sustained and clear outperformance relative to all our competitors and industry on financial and non-financial metrics that matter,
  • To create a high-energy environment with a keen sense of belonging and smiling faces everywhere.

Business Strengths

Visionary Leadership

Our visionary team with business interests, insights and plans established this company and paved the way for national growth in Nepal.

Committed Team

Our innovative team commits to accomplishing goals standing on the mission and vision set forth.

National Presence

Along with a national presence, accomplished a nationwide strong network in Nepal as channel partners of renowned international products is our invaluable asset.


200000+ sq. ft. of distribution centers across strategic locations in Nepal.


Delivering quality products and gaining solid trust from our customers, the SSUVICS group has become a partner in each household.

Core Ethos


We strive to perform to the best of our abilities, build genuine relationships with our customers, stakeholders and each other.


We are harnessed with the highest standards of ethics, honesty and morality to our business, community and personal relationships


  • No compromise in the quality of the products and services. We aim to exceed
  • Our customers’ expectations by providing quality products and services.


We promise our commitments to our actions and all their outcomes.

Company Profile